The Power of Your Invitation!

Has the significance of assembling an invitation turned into an under-appreciated task? When planning my son’s 9th birthday party I reached out to the guests for their physical mailing addresses. Many responded, “don’t worry about sending me an invitation.. I will be there” Of course I mailed them one! What child doesn’t love to run to the mailbox and see their name on a letter?

Regardless if your event is a black tie affair or a super casual cocktail party your invitation is the absolute first impression your guest will have. It sets the mood for your event and sets the mind-set for your occasion.

Believe it or not if your invitation is to a social event that’s business related in an aggressive competitive circle, it may be the deciding factor whether your guest attends or NOT…


So when should you send out your invitation?

Six to eight months before an important seminar to which out-of-town executives are invited.

Four to six months before an important dinner to which out-of-town guests are invited.

Three to five weeks before a luncheon.

Four weeks before an evening reception.

Two to four weeks before a breakfast for a large group.

Two to four weeks before a cocktail party.

Two to three weeks before a tea party.

Two weeks no more than four before a child’s party.

Your invitation should also be a reflection of your style! Consider custom designed when it’s an option

I’m completely in love with these leather invites from Bliss & Bone

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