Step Up Your Proposal – The Pop Up Ring Box

October is the kickoff for engagement season!
Many studies show more couples get engaged during the next four months than any other time of the year.
Before you get down on one knee there are many things to think about. The entire process can be completely intimidating and can leave you flummoxed!

What will I say?
Should I keep it simple or make it grandiose?
What will be the perfect location?
Should I share this excitement with anyone?
How do I hide this engagement ring box?

Year after year men (and women) are becoming more creative with this event! While we can assist you with creating, tweaking and refining your proposal idea until┬áthat’s perfect for you; see below an alternative to the bulky ring box and why I think you should rid of it This discreet ring case is approximately 1cm thick with a starting price of $99.00 USD-ideal for 2mm ring bands allowing it to easily be hidden!

Clifton will be taking orders starting in October!! (No exact date)-

Images courtesy of ANDREW ZO

CLIFTON- The flat engagement ring box

Clifton Flat Ring Case by Andrew Zo

So let’s bring out the bottle of bubbly!!! My new fav is BelAir!!

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