Hair Accessories For Your Natural Mane!

Big white dress, huge Miss Universe crown, gloves, and grandma’s strand of pearls.…. If this sounds like how you envisioned your wedding accessory ensemble as a little girl daydreaming in your room, you are not alone! Who knew that our hair do’s and don’ts would leave us standing at a crossroad once our Prince Charming “put a ring on it”??? And for those blessed with that head full of curls that can’t be combed or have made the journey and are now rocking locks, we’ve taken the liberty to pull together a few different options to help get that dream deferred back on track. 

Here are a few options if that TIARA just isn’t sitting right.    


Side/back pieces: comb or barrettes that can be functional (holding back one or both sides of your hair) and decorative (placed in or on the side of an up-do or ponytail)


Large floral pieces: these blooming beauties are usually attached to a comb and can be positioned many different ways within the world of your mane!


Veiling: Is simply a term used to describe the sheer material.. This image reflects a style of one without a headpiece attached.. BOOM to that lipcolor!!


Hair vines: essentially a collection of bead, pearls or crystals made onto wire which can be bent or positioned in different ways


Decorative hair pins: those can be positioned to look like a tiara, headband or brooch, or can just be randomly scattered throughout your curls, bun, or up-do


Bird cage (Russian cage) veils: these have regained major popularity within the last few years thanks to Reese Witherspoon’s character from Sweet Home Alabama. Remove the veil material and you have your Fascinator


Headbands: try using different fabrics as well as standard headbands to keep your curls at bay or as the photo suggests wrap them between your curls and add an adornment.


Beaded appliqués: these are my new personal favs! The appliqué can be trimmed of the excess material (but leave enough that it stays in one piece), attached to a comb or pinned in place



the possibilities are endless…. 

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 Photo Credit: Point and Click Photography 

Blog Credit: L Wilson 




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