DIY Ribbon Boutonniere

Rainy and cool days like today where the wind has some attitude and the high is in the lower 60’s may not be the best day for little league football however, it’ s perfect for those brides that love DIY projects. By the way my 5 year old did his thing on the football field this morning at 9am.. He left with 80 yards of turf in cleats, 8 pulled flags and a TOUCH DOWN!! GO GIANTS!!

Back to my DIY brides, if you are looking for a project here is a quick and simple one for you that I came across.  As we know a Boutonniere traditionally is a single flower or bud worn by men through the lapel buttonhole.

Bowling Pin Boutonniere

My favorite site for unique boutonnieres is From sci-fi to prim and proper themes this site has it all!

For a simpler look grab your hot glue, some ribbon and a button. Check out the steps below!! While your fiance is watching college football all day today (Saturday) you can tackle some of your wedding to do list!!!You can find this tutorial at Hip Hostess.


2 yards of ribbon ( grosgrain)
Cotton Thread


Fold the ribbon in an accordion style. You want the total length of each fold to equal the diameter of the final boutonniere. In my case, I made each fold 2.5" and the final boutonniere is 2.5" across.

Sew a couple of tacking stitches through the center of the ribbon length and knot the end to keep in place.

Fan out the folds.

Fine tune the folds so that each division is as evenly spaced as possible. Cut the "loose end" in a diagonal for a more finished look.

Sew a button over the tacking stitch to finish off the boutonniere. While stitching the button on, stitch slightly outside of the initial center tacking stitch. This will hold the fanned out folds in place

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  1. charla cagle says:

    what a cute idea! very creative! :)

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