Clutches–The NEW bridesmaid bouquet.. Or NOT?

I have spent several weeks looking for the perfect clutch to accessorize my all white outfit to an upcoming event.  2 days before I settled!!! 

A clutch purse is not often seen on a everyday basis, however, these small purses are gems and are so useful for carrying my Iphone, business cards, lip gloss and valet ticket!

What’s your favorite style?

Clutch purses aren’t just great for a evening out! They are a awesome alternative to flower bouquets for bridesmaids. I must admit, I don’t have a clutch for every formal dress in my closet or even half of them. I would have loved to be gifted with one in some of the weddings where I was an attendant.

Let’s think about this for a second!! There are 19 different bridal bouquet types.. The Posy, Clutch, Cascading, Arm Sheaf, Crescent and Pomander just to name a few… Now you have to decide which one of those styles are perfect for not only you but your bridesmaids as well!! Keep in mind, a florist can charge around $100.00 alone just for the bride’s bouquet alone…

Don’t fret… There are many sites that will custom make purses in your color scheme of choice to match the dresses and other floral in your wedding.  They will often provide discounts for bulk orders. Start with ETSY… Great options out there! But remember.. Your STYLE… Your VISION..

You may also want to consider inserting a personal note inside each clutch!

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