Balloon Inspired Events!!

Welcome to my first BLOG!!!

Please be patient with me as I embrace this challenge!  I have wanted to start a blog for months now. But I took the time to play around on other blog sites to get an ideal of how this is supposed to work! This will work out well for me.. I separate myself from everyone and it’s me and the PC and of course my inner thoughts! A time to relax and share some of the ideas and thoughts that consumes my mind each day.  This will actually work out better for my hubby as he is the one I am always sending ideas and pictures to of event and wedding related items. GOSH.. He always acts so interested! Such a good HUBBY!!! LOL

I remember deciding to begin planning events professionally and as I was sharing my goals with another event planner.  We begin sharing ideas. I will never forget her saying, “Balloons are for small children parties” .. “Never used them in a wedding”.. I thought to myself..  NEVER?  I love weddings/events that are nontraditional!  You have to allow your personality to show at all times. It just makes everything more fun!  Check out a few pictures below that displays how to use balloon to add to your special occasion.Favor Table

Balloons are a simple yet stylish way to fill a big space. So what’s the best trick to making them work for your wedding day or special event?  Choose a color pattern like in many of these photos.  Also attach them to ribbons and make garlands from the ceiling. The standard size balloon is 8inchs. Go for the larger sizes such as like 32 or 36 inches. This will surely provide a more grown-up look.  Party City actually sells them on their website (a package of 6 for 12.99).  They may charge extra to blow them up!

Check out how this couple decided to use balloons to mark the end of their wedding celebration in a balloon release. That’s something their guest will never forget!! (Note the color scheme).. Try to purchase balloons that are environmentally friendly and verify any ordnance’s in your city!

I found balloon release cards at

For an evening event, consider adding LED lights.. Save on Crafts has LED balloons pre made.

Balloons are becoming an increasingly popular wedding/event decoration for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons is that they are inexpensive and they are extremely versatile.

But decorating on the cheap does not mean that you can’t make the decoration a unique aspect of the wedding itself.

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  1. Jalil Davis says:

    For this to be your first blog, you did a great job. i feel balloons could bring that extra pizazz to a reception, and just depends how u use them…..Great Work!!!!!!

  2. i love the hot pink clutch…i am on a hot pink high lately

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